Thursday, September 30, 2010

World's hottest guys...revisited

About a year and a half ago, as one of my 43 things on, I made a list of the 43 hottest male celebrities of all time, spending hours pouring over pictures and determining exactly where each of them ranked. Two more people were added after the list was over, and I would since add one more, so the list currently stands at 46. I haven't looked at the list in about a year, so I'm going to revisit the list here and see how it holds up to time. Here are the original 43, in their original order:

43. Leonardo DiCaprio
42. Eric Bana
41. Anthony Kearns
40. Will Smith
39. Adam Sandler
38. Viggo Mortesen
37. Billy Zane
36. Jamie Bamber
35. Matthew McConaughey
34. Dane Cook
33. Gerard Butler
32. Derek Jeter
31. Blaine Larson
30. Luke Mably
29. Ryan Reynolds
28. Vin Deisel
27. Orlando Bloom
26. Ryan Phillippe
25. Zach Braff
24. Gene Kelly
23. Elvis Presley
22. Joaquin Phoenix
21. Mario
20. Brad Pitt
19. Ioan Gruffudd
18. Ralph Fiennes
17. Alex Rodriguez
16. Montgomery Clift
15. John Krasinski
14. James McAvoy
13. Prince William
12. Daniel Craig
11. Ewan McGregor

And the top ten!

10. Johnny Depp
9. Shane West
8. Ami James
7. James Franco
6. Clive Owen
5. Channing Tatum
4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
3. Matt Damon
2. Heath Ledger
1. Jude Law

The two later additions were Dominic Cooper and Jeffery Dean Morgan and the one that I would add now, quite possibly as my number one, is Wentworth Miller from Prison Break (see photo).

Overall, looking at the list, I would say it's pretty accurate. There are a couple people I would movie higher (Ryan Phillippe being one) a couple people I might add (Taylor Lautner) and a couple I would remove all together (Zach Braff). But over all, it's pretty good. Although I would make Wentworth Miller number one. No question about that the more I think about it. He beats them all out by a mile.

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