Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm really trying to be better about curbing my ridiculous spending habits. I don't splurge on a regular basis, but when I do, I do it so much that it just threatens my budgeting for like a month. I went into today planning on spending no money, just chilling at home and eating the food we have here. But then I woke up this morning and was really craving pizza. Aaron is lactose intolerant, despite the fact that he LOVES cheese, and he has a really hard time keeping himself from eating it anyway and just dealing with the consequences. But he gets really sick afterwards so, to be a good girlfriend, I usually won't eat cheese or drink milk when he's around because it just makes it harder for him. So the only time I get to indulge myself is on days when he is at work and I am today.

So anyway, I was really craving pizza but also feeling lazy, so I got online to to see how much it would cost me to order a pizza. It was going to be like fifteen bucks for a medium pizza and I figured that I should just go to the store, which is only like two blocks away and get one and cook it myself, since it's not exactly hard. So I head off to Rite Aid, but of course they also have the Maybelline Pearls lipstick that I've been wanting FOREVER (well, OK just since a couple of days ago when I got my issue of Cosmo). But it's $7.19 just for the lipstick, and six bucks for the pizza. Then I see the Tresemme lightweight mousse that I've also been wanting AND I'm almost out of the mousse I have, so of course that's a good justification. The mousse is on sale for only $3.99, but I really want the lipstick, so I wander around the store about twelve times trying to decide. I have the money, I'm not going to go broke if I get all three, but at the same time, I am trying to curb my spending habits, and this is definitely more than I am supposed to be spending daily.

Finally I tell myself that I will get the lipstick another day, since I don't really need it right away and it's not going anywhere, and just get the pizza and the mousse. So I get in line with my two items and right away start feeling guilty. I have enough mousse left in my current bottle to last me a few more days, and eleven dollars is still more than I should be spending, so I dash back out of line and, without thinking too much, put the mousse back and quickly pay for my pizza before I can change my mind. I just got home, put the pizza in the oven and am feeling very satisfied with myself over not buying anything other than what I came to get. I should have just walked in, gotten the pizza and left without stopping to browse. But I have to say, I am very proud of myself that even in the face of intense temptation, I was strong and did not give in.

Just wanted to share.

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