Thursday, September 30, 2010

Get Him to the Greek

Well I watched it the other night, and thought I'd give you a quick review.

First, the plot. Jonah Hill plays up and coming record company employee Aaron Green whose career and reputation is put on the line with his idea to have has-been druggie rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) star in a anniversary concert at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. But Aldous is in London, so Aaron must attempt to escort him back within 72 hours for the concert, and make an appearance on the Today Show along the way. But Aldous has other ideas and won't come quietly.
Their 72 hour journey to get back to LA is somewhat reminiscent of the Hangover, as they attend party after party and Aaron's innocence is taken advantage of. Russell Brand is hilarious as the out-of-control rocker and Jonah Hill's surprised, innocent facial expressions get a work out. Over all a very funny movie, and one that had my boyfriend and I laughing out loud on many occasions. My only complaint is that toward the end, they tried to put in the moral in the form of a long, serious scene between our two main characters in which they discuss their lives and the mistakes they've made and how they are going to change for the better. It is only broken up with some hilarity by the fact that Aldous Snow is bleeding profusely into the pool and doesn't seem to notice it. If they had to put in a lesson or show that the characters had learned theirs, they did the best they could have. But it is an unnecessary distraction for viewers who are not watching the movie in hopes that Aldous Snow becomes Mother Theresa. But other than that one scene and a couple shorter ones like it, a very watchable, laugh-out-loud movie. Four stars out of five.

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