Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guilty pleasures

I was thinking about guilty pleasures today, since I was indulging one of mine. Every month I end up in line at the grocery store, waiting with my groceries, when the sirens begin. The new issue of Cosmopolitan will be there, gleaming in all it's sleek glory. Every month I attempt to resist it's call, since it's five dollars that could be better spent elsewhere. And every month I have varying degrees of success. This month, I resisted for about two weeks before finally giving in and justifying it to myself (I was good. I ate lots of fruit and vegis this week. And I only spent four dollars yesterday. I deserve it) So I bought it, devoured it in all of it's meaty, gossipy, consumer goodness, and immediately felt guilty. Especially since it's never just five dollars. Every issue features MUST HAVE buys for (insert season here). They range from clothing, which I can usually avoid, since I hate trying things on, and they are usually so far out of my price range, to hair products, which I immediately buy all of, since my goal is to have Kim Kardashian hair.

So that is my guilty pleasure. What's yours?

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