Saturday, September 25, 2010


Well I didn't actually expect that anyone would read my blog, I mostly did it for my own amusement/to make myself feel important, but from looking at my stats, it appears that 17 people have viewed my blog in the last month, which is kind of interesting to me. Who are these mystery readers? Were they people I know? Or just bored random surfers of the Internet? It's rather intriguing to me. Is it the same person seventeen times? Or seventeen different people?

On a side note, one thing on my 43 things list is to attend a taping of the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I love the show and I've always thought it would be fun to be in the studio audience on one of my favorite shows. Anyway, I was looking into price estimates to give me an idea of how much I'd need, and it appears that flights from Seattle to Long Beach, which isn't too far from LA, are only about 180 dollars round trip, which means I might actually be able to pull this off, especially if I could talk my sister into going with, and thus splitting the hotel bill with me.

I also keep forgetting to really talk about my sister. Her name is Robin, she's two years younger than me and has pretty much been my best friend forever. Anyway, up until the last few days, we've talked on the phone about three times a week since I lived with her, and seen each other every two or three months. Well she is going to Bible school in Germany this year, and just left on Thursday. She'll be home for Christmas and then home for good in April, but it's weird having her so far away. I got to Skype with her for a little bit yesterday morning, and I'm hoping that she gets up early enough this morning to chat before I have to go to bed (they are 9 hours ahead so it's about 6:30 AM there right now, and 9:30 PM here).

I guess that's all for me for now, I'm going to try to write a couple more letters to injured soldiers and do some dishes before Aaron gets home in three hours or so.


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