Friday, September 10, 2010

Big day tomorrow!

So my family (parents, younger sisters and younger brother) are coming to visit tomorrow for my birthday. This will be the first time that they get to see Aaron and my new place. The plan is for them to come up and check out the apartment, then I'm going to unwrap presents and we can eat cake etc. and then we're going to go to Slave to the Needle for Robin and me to get our tattoos. After tattoos, we're going to go down to the water front, check out Pike Place Market, etc. and eat dinner at Ivars. Should be awesome!

Of course Aaron was super excited when I told him my family was coming to visit (NOT!) Not that he doesn't like them but you know, hanging with the in-laws is never too much fun. Since they just came to visit about a month ago, and he hung out all day with us with out TOO much complaining, I let him off the hook this time so he bailed and is going out with his brothers all day. Which I'm letting him do without too much guilt tripping! LOL

I'm very excited for tomorrow. I just finished cleaning up the house, folding the last bits of laundry from yesterday, doing some dishes, and some vacuuming. Of course, being the lazy butt that I am, I got most, but not all of it done. Although that will probably be ok because tomorrow I'll be so excited for them to get here that I'll need something to do to keep from literally bouncing around the house all morning!

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