Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day off...

I have the day off today so I'm hoping to get some letters to injured soldiers written. I wrote two yesterday so I have fourteen more to go.

Also on the agenda is watching a documentary on Shackelton that I got from work yesterday. I think I've seen this particular one once before but I think it's fascinating and also the closest ng.thing that our store has to sailing videos.

Speaking of sailing, I had a dream last night where I was out on a sailboat. It was a lovely day and I was sailing around a bay by myself (incidentally enough I was on Ella's Pink Lady, Jessica Watson's boat). Suddenly the weather turned bad out of the blue, so I reefed in the mainsail and secured everything in the cabin to prepare for the storm. Also, someone sabatoged the boat by cutting all the lines down super short, so I had to use the new knots I've been learning to tie new ones on. It was kind of cool because I did all the right things in my dream, so I know that somehow my subconcious has caught on to all the sailing books I've been reading. It's kind of funny though.

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