Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Time Traveler caught on Video?

I heard an intriguing story on the news this morning and I had to do some more research once I got home from work. Apparently a filmmaker in Ireland was watching the behind-the-scenes DVD extra on the 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie "The Circus" when he spotted a woman off to one side who appears to be talking on a cell phone. On the video, which was shot at the Chinese Theater at the premiere of "The Circus" the larger woman wearing a black hat walks alone to one side of the video. She appears to be talking and is holding her hand up to the side of her face like people do when they are on a cell phone. As she turns a few seconds later, it appears that there is a black thing in her hand. This Irish filmmaker, George Clarke, is convinced that she is a time traveler.

Although I admit it looks very much like a woman talking on a cell phone, the conclusion of time traveler begs many questions, the most obvious one being the questions of who she would be talking to, considering there were no cell towers in 1928. I believe that time travel could very well become a reality in the future, and while I maintain that it is possible that she could be a real time traveler, I am very skeptical. Another question that I have is, if she is concentrating on blending in to her surroundings, considering that she is dressed appropriately for the time, then wouldn't talking into a mysterious black box attract some attention? As one blogger suggested, perhaps she was shielding her face from the camera, and the "black box" was just a shadow, a makeup compact or something else in her hand. Others have said that perhaps she was holding an ear trumpet, which was common at the time.

Watch the video for yourself here: Feel free to skip George Clarke's intro and skip straight to 2:42 when he shows the actual video. Although his Irish accent is pretty cute so I'd watch the intro anyway. ;-) So check it out and tell me what you think. Time traveler or not? Either way, it's intriguing to me! Perhaps it would make a good novel idea?

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