Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laughing, Gaming and Shooting

First off, a funny story from work. My boss answered the phone the other day and the customer said, "Do you guys have 'Halloweentown'?" so she looked it up and found it was checked out. When the customer found that out, she said "Well, do you have 'Return to Halloweentown'?" That was available and when my boss told her that she then asked "So is 'Return to Halloweentown' the first one or the second one?" Hmmmmm....

On Tuesday Aaron and I were off work and we have been talking about getting the new PlayStation 3 Move since we have a PS3, so we decided to just go downtown and get it since the rainy weather has set in here in Seattle, limiting our repertoire of affordable activities we can do together. So on a break from the weather we headed downtown to Game Stop to pick it up. As we finished at Game Stop Aaron looked at his phone and I remember him saying "It's 4:44." Just as we were leaving Pacific Place, we began to hear sirens and five police cars passed us with their lights on and soon an ambulance went by too. Within a few minutes two news helicopters were hovering over downtown. We were wondering what was going on and Aaron bet that it was an accident. From the number of police cars, I guessed a shooting. When we got home, we turned on the news and found out that I was right. A man had been shot point blank at 2nd and Pine, about five blocks from where we were, at 4:41, just minutes before we walked out of Game Stop. It was a little weird to be that close to something like that.

But on a lighter note, the PS3 Move is really fun. It comes with a bundle of sports games, including disc golf, archery and ping pong. We played it for a while on Tuesday night and again last night and I have to say, my arm is a bit sore. Unlike the Wii, where you can flick your wrist and it is just as affective as moving your whole arm, the Move tracks the motion of your whole body with a camera, so you really have to do the whole motion. I tried doing it sitting down and just about threw out my shoulder trying to get the necessary power behind it. It just doesn't work. The initial charge on the controller was a little annoying as it took over 3 hours and we were impatient to play. But definitely worth the 100 dollars it costs to get the bundle add-on to an existing PS3.
P.S. I'd also like to shout out to my international readers, a few of which I seem to have gained! Thanks for stopping by!

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