Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Frying Chicharrones de Harina

So if you read my latest blog, you know that I had a failed attempt at boiling the mysterious chicharrones de harina. So now that I've found out that you are supposed to FRY them, I gave that a try. A bit of vegitable oil in a small fry pan, a few minutes to let it heat up and I was ready. I put in about four or five of the little chips and immediatly they swelled up and puffed, losing their orange color. I used some tongs to flip them over as soon as they seemed done on one side, but they started burning almost immediatly. So I tried a second batch and these I tried flipping as fast as I can and then removing them to a paper towel covered plate. But I still couldn't be fast enough and they began to turn grey and look a bit burnt. There was a bit of smoke in the kitchen and we have insanely sensative smoke alarms so I had to quickly flip on the fan before trying again.

This time I just did one at a time and flipped them almost immedatly after putting them in the pan. This seemed to work and after a few of these I turned off the pan to try eating them. The ones that I had cooked last weren't quite done and were unpleasently hard and chewy in spots. The other ones had good texture but had a bit of a burn flavor to it. Fortunatly I have a bunch left so that I can perfect them!

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