Saturday, October 16, 2010

Noodles and Weird Guys

So I just have a few random musings to share with you at the moment. First off, an amusing story.

I was on the bus (the number 5 from Greenwood if anyone is interested) home from work today and my snooping, eavesdropping ears (notice I blame my ears!) caught on to a fairly one sided conversation happening one seat up and to my right. The lady near the window was probably in her thirties, reading a book and the gentleman sitting next to her was Asian and spoke very poor English. He had apparently said something I didn't hear but her reply was, "No, it's just that people usually don't talk to other people on the bus." After saying this, she promptly went back to reading. Now anyone else would have taken this as "shut up," but not this gentleman. For the next ten minutes he peppered her with questions, and she replied the absolute bare minimum amount she could get away with, while making it very clear that she didn't want to have a conversation. Every couple of questions he would apparently run out of things to say and simply say "You're very pretty." or something along those lines and she would pause and say, "Um, thank you."

This was all very amusing to me, until she got off the bus about halfway to my stop. He stood up to let her off and somehow caught my eye. I quickly turned away, hoping he hadn't taken that as a good sign, but it was too late. Instead of sitting down in the seat that the woman had been sitting in, by the window, as most people would have, he proceeded to sit down next to me, and attempt to make conversation for the rest of the trip to me. I was relieved when my stop came, although I have to give him credit for effort. He was very determined to meet someone on the bus!

The second thing I have to share is simply a tidbit about me. Aaron is lactose intolerant, so on the occasional nights when I am home and he has to work, I always try to indulge my cheese cravings as much as possible, usually in the form of pasta/fettuccine sauce or pizza. Tonight it is Buitoni Three Cheese Tortellini and Vodka sauce. YUMMY!!!

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