Thursday, October 21, 2010

Maps, Trees and other projects

So a good chunk of the novel I will be writing in November takes place in the small, isolated town of Innisburg, so naturally I felt that I should make a map of the town to ensure that I won't confuse myself come November. And of course, being a NaNoer, I was not content to simply sketch one up on a piece of notebook paper. So I got a big piece of foam poster board stuff and some Sharpies and drew up a map of the whole town.

And then, of course, there were two sides to the board so I had to come up with something to decorate the other side. So since my town of fifty has been living in isolation for three generations, they have a complicated family tree, and I was determined that no one should be married to siblings or first cousins, so that made it a little bit more complicated. But with some colorful Sharpies to keep it from being too confusing, I managed to get the whole family tree mapped out on the other side.

It was fun and challenging but it's done now, so I'm all ready for November to start!

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