Tuesday, July 17, 2012



Total word count of The Language of the Unheard: 52,251

Number of form rejections for Finding Innisburg: 0

Number of requests for partials for Finding Innisburg: 1 (yay!)

Number of books read in the last three days: 4 (I'm a fast reader)

Days until my Certified Nursing Assistant exam: 2

So I have gotten hooked on GoodReads.com the last few days.  I have found so many new books I want to read and from there I have sorted them, placed a few holds at the library and discussed book favorites with other members.  And best of all, they give away free books!!!  I know! FREE BOOKS!!!  Authors and publishers give them away before they are actually released in hopes of getting favorable reviews and a fan base.  There are no strings attached; if you win, you are encouraged to write a review, but it is not required. So I've been entering for everything that I feel like I might be interested in, and today I found out I won a book!

The book I won is Rogue, a thriller by Mark Sullivan.  It should come in 4-6 weeks and I'm pretty excited.  When it comes, I'll post a review here for you all.  It is being released October 2nd by St. Martin's Press.

So I would encourage all my reader readers (lol) to get on GoodReads and start entering drawings.  It's fun, and even if you don't win, it's a great way to find out about books you might be interested in reading before they even come out!

So I'm eagerly looking for new reading material, preferably books released in the last 2-3 years.  I like mysteries, thrillers, action-adventure, memoirs, literary fiction (if it's not too slow), chick-lit (no, it's not dead) and commercial fiction.  I don't like romance, stories with sad endings (with a couple of exceptions), erotica, stories about drug abuse, sex abuse, or prostitution.  So what would you recommend to me?  I want to know, please comment below!

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