Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Review: Love in Mid Air

DETAILS: Love in Mid Air by Kim Wright. Copyright 2010. Women's fiction

SUMMARY: A thirty-something woman's marriage falls apart and she has an affair and a bunch of other stuff happens.

PROS: Honestly, the writing was fantastic.  The characters were dynamic, the story was engaging and it had none of the "slow bits" I so dread in a book.  It was also written in present tense, and I love it when writers successfully change up the "norm" with regard to tense and person.

CONS: Let me temper this by saying that I am not a prude when it comes to books.  I have read many books about divorce, affairs, etc. and generally they do not bother me.  This one bothered me a lot.  The author and the characters seemed to be of the opinion that ideally, a woman would have an affair and/or leave her husband.  Her husband was not abusive, not cruel, not anything that would make me say "run for the hills."  Mostly, she was just bored.  Now, I understand that women leave their husbands for this reason all the time, and I am not here to debate the validity of doing so.  What I objected to, was the attitude that if women all weren't such spineless pansies, we would have all ditched our men a  long time ago, that this was the ideal situation, when I think it clearly is not ideal at all.  Now divorce is a sticky subject, and I can't say I never agree with it, but affairs, in my opinion, are not.  I had a problem with the character constantly sneaking around behind her husband's back and seeming to feel no guilt or consequences from it.  I almost put the book down after the second or third chapter, but decided to give it a chance to see what the ending was.  Without giving anything away, let me just say that I was not satisfied.

BOTTOM LINE: If glorifying affairs and divorce does not bother you, you may very well like this book.  As for me, I have to give it two stars out of five.

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