Saturday, July 21, 2012

Book Review: Anne of Hollywood

DETAILS: Anne of Hollywood by Carol Wolper.  Copyright 2012. Chick lit.

SUMMERY: A rendition of the story of Anne Boleyn set in modern day Hollywood.

PROS: This was a good "escape" book or beach read.  I liked the way she had the story divided between four narrators, with three of them in third person and Anne's in first person.  It was clever and it worked.

CONS: I felt like Ms. Wolper tried too hard sometimes instead of just letting the story flow naturally.  The sex and drug references, while not unrealistic, felt forced and awkward.  I also thought she tried too hard to draw perfect parallels from the real story of Anne Boleyn, when the reality of a modern day adaptation is that sometimes you have to tweak the details.

BOTTOM LINE: This was okay if you're looking for a light, fun book, but I expected a little more.  Three stars out of five.

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