Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Review: The Paris Wife

~Random note: This is the third book I've read in the last week that has the word "wife" in the title.  That was not intentional but merely a strange coincidence.~

DETAILS: The Paris Wife by Paula McLain.  Copyright 2011. Historical fiction.

SUMMERY:  Hadley Richardson was twenty-eight years old when she married Ernest Hemingway.  This book is a fictionalized account chronicling their five-year marriage and their time in the bohemian atmosphere of 1920's Paris.

PROS: I loved this book.  I knew nothing of Hemingway's person life going into this book and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at this portion through the (fictionalized) eyes of Hadley.  Ms. McLain perfectly captures the complexities and the ups and downs that go with any relationship, and she captures the feel of Paris in the 1920's perfectly (I imagine). 

CONS: There really is nothing I would change about this book. 

BOTTOM LINE: Absolutely superb.  I would recommend this book to anyone.  Five stars out of five.

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