Monday, July 30, 2012

Book Review: The Given Day

DETAILS: The Given Day by Dennis Lehane. Copyright 2008. Historical fiction.

SUMMARY: Two families, one black and one white, struggle to live and love in the chaos and uncertainty in the US following World War I.

PROS: Excellently written with engaging, sharp characters and a very human plot, Mr. Lehane has created a very readable book.  I loved the setting and I learned a lot about the racial attitudes and the political climate of the time that I didn't know.

CONS: There were a few parts toward the end that I felt dragged a little.  I felt that the book could have been better if it had been tightened up a little.

BOTTOM LINE: I enjoyed this one very much and I am looking forward to the sequel, Live by Night which comes out October 2, 2012 and which I won on  Four stars out of five.

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