Monday, November 1, 2010

And so it begins

Well, NaNoWriMo has officially begun.  I managed to force myself to stay up until midnight last night, and when it finally rolled around, I cheered quietly to myself and pounded out about two hundred words before passing out at about 12:20.  Today between my bus rides to and from work and my lunch break I'm at 1,505 words, nearly to my daily quota so another half hour before bed should put me up to about 2000 words.  The story seems to be working out ok, my main character is already beginning to take over the story in a good way, and I discovered that 5 Hour Energy drinks, when added to G2 low calorie Gatorade, taste wonderful, give me energy and don't make me hyper/jittery.  I felt great all day even on 5 hours of sleep and I think they may end up being a November staple.  Unlike coffee or soda or most other energy drinks, I didn't feel like I was going insane, I could focus on work instead of having my brain running a million miles an hour in six different directions, and so far no crash.  Probably a combination of the electrolytes in the Gatorade, the low sugar content and the hydration from drinking a reasonably healthy form of liquid. So all in all, a good start to NaNo.

Oh, and yesterday I happen to glance at my horoscope in a magazine.  Now I'm not particularly into that whole thing, but I have to say I was pretty happy when I saw that it said, "A creative venture of yours will be successful."  That's got to be a good omen for November.

Happy noveling!

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