Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow and more on Prince William

First off, it is snowing in Seattle.  Last winter we didn't get any snow at all so to finally have some of the white stuff on the ground is very exciting.  There is only about an inch on the ground but since the Seattle Metro Transit was slammed two years ago when they weren't prepared for the snow that we got then, they are taking every precaution this year so the buses are on reroute for the whole day.  Thankfully I'm off work but I am supposed to go in for a meeting at five, so I'm debating as to whether I can call out for the meeting since my buses are going to be behind and take a long time.  We'll see how the snow holds up by this afternoon.

Also, an interesting news story today.  Less than 48 hours after announcing his engagement, Prince William was scrambled on a rescue mission with the Royal Air Force.  The prince, known as Flight Lieutenant Wales in the RAF, was sent with a four man crew to rescue a man who had had a heart attack on a mountain in Wales.  After he was airlifted out in terrible stormy conditions by the prince, he credited the prince and his crew for having saved his life.  Can you imagine being rescued by the future king of England?

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