Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow days!

So the snow yesterday just kept coming down all day and most of the night.  In the end, it iced over really bad over night and now the roads in Seattle are a slick mess of solid ice and snow.  Buses are literally sliding off the road all over the city and although it is a beautiful sunny morning out there today, the temperature stands at a frigid 22 degrees and it's not supposed to warm up at all.  So I called my work, which is most of the way across the city from where I live, and told them that I didn't think I could make it in.  Two years ago we had a bad snow and I worked a 12 to 6 shift at the Lower Queen Anne Blockbuster.  I was able to get to work ok, but then the buses stopped running and I was stranded and unable to get home.  The taxis wouldn't go out to Ballard where I was living either.  So this year I didn't want that to happen again, so the long and the short of it is, I have a SNOW DAY!!!! I feel like a school kid again, although I was home schooled but we did get snow days sometimes even so just to play in the snow and stuff.

But I promised myself when I woke up this morning that if it was a snow day, I would do some serious work on my poor, neglected novel.  So that is the plan for today.

Also, on a side note, Prince William and Kate Middleton announced that they will be married on April 29 at Westminster Abbey in London.  I wish I had the funds to make it to London for that wedding because it will probably be the biggest wedding of my lifetime, aside from my own, of course. ;-)

They mentioned on the news that brides all over England were worried that their chosen wedding days would fall on the same day so I do feel sorry for them since there will no doubt be a few.  Way to have your special day totally eclipsed, right?

Alright, off to work on my novel.

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