Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The End

Well, Finding Innisburg is finished.  All the loose ends are wrapped up, all the appropriate people have gone to jail and the two main characters are getting married.  I typed "The End" very happily about five minutes ago and now am feeling very accomplished.

Am I happy with it? Yes.  I think the story came together well considering I started at the beginning 31 days ago.  It didn't go exactly like my outline, but it works pretty good.  I probably won't read over it or try to edit it for at least a month to put some distance between me and it but I'm satisfied.  With some editing and padding it won't be half bad.  It ended up at 51,079 words which isn't as long as I had hoped but my stories usually gain some words in the editing process, so I'll probably be fine.

Whats up next?  Well, since I haven't been able to come up with a brilliant Christmas story idea, I think I'll write up a short story about a selkie who falls in love with a man.  We'll see how that turns out.  But for right now I'm going to go toast up an English muffin and pour myself a glass of celebratory milk. :P

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