Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mea Culpa

Okay, I have officially failed miserably in my writing attempts. Mostly because this blog is supposed to be about me and my writing and I haven't really done any serious writing in quite some time. My apologies.

So what have I been doing? Well, playing far, far too much solitaire, baking lots of bread, trying to talk Aaron into letting me make him an apple pie (what guy DOESN'T want a homemade apple pie??? Weirdo.), watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.

First off, something that gave me a good laugh today. I was watching the news and they were reporting on a young man who nearly drowned in Hood Canal (no, that's not what made me laugh. That is very tragic.) They showed a live video of the victim being unloaded from a helicopter on a stretcher on top of Harborview Medical Center. Then it cut back to the reporter who said, "That victim, who we just showed being unloaded from the helicopter, is now inside the hospital. Now back to the studio." It was just rediculous. Of course they took him inside the hospital. I could have figured that out by myself.

Anyway, I'm making chili, which I'm sure will be delicious. That's about it for me. I'll try to be more regular in my updates.

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  1. Chili. Must make chili. Gosh that sounds soo good right now. And since I'm currently in the land flowing with beer I'm thinking beer chili??